Below you will find information about the 2019-2020 PLS members, including their current and previous demonstrations of leadership during pharmacy school.



Alan Luu

SSHP President '19-'20; President-Elect '18-'19

TSHP Student Section Executive Committee Member '19-'20

GCSHP UH Chapter Representative '19-'20

SNPhA Community Outreach Co-Chair '18-'19

WHMC Intern ‘19-’20'; ‘18-’19

SSHP P1 Liaison '17-'18


Emily Cooper

SNPhA President ‘19-‘20; President-Elect ’18-‘19

PLS Leadership Challenge Co-Chair ‘19-‘20

UHCOP Tutor ‘19-’20; ‘18-’19

Honor Board Representative ’19-‘20; ‘19-’18; ‘17-’18

Walgreens Intern ‘18-’19

Never Generic Podcast Host '18-'19

Kappa Psi Pledge Master ’18-‘19

UHCOP Orientation Coordinator ‘18

Graduate Teaching Assistant ‘18

Pharmacy Feud Competition First Place Team ‘18

MAPSA Cultural Coordinator ’17-‘18


Jennifer Nguyen

IPhO National Student Officer of Chapter Network Management '19-'20

IPhO President '19-'20; President-Elect '18-'19

AMCP Local P&T Competition First Place '19

AMCP National P&T Competition Honorable Mention '19

Janssen Real World Value & Evidence - Oncology Intern Summer '19

SNPhA Most Active Initiative Award, '19

IPhO Regional Student Officer - Western Region '18-'19

SNPhA Mental Health Initiative Co-Chair '18-'19

Janssen Real World Analytics & Alliances Innovation Intern Summer '18

IPhO P1 Affairs Representative '17-'18


Kelvin Lu

Houston Methodist MILE Intern

PLS Treasurer '19-'20

Kappa Psi Professional Relations Chair '19-'20

SCCP Vice President of Internal Advancement '18-'19

Houston Medication Safety Symposium Best Poster Presentation '19

SSHP Clinical Skills Competition P2 Category Second Place '18

C/O 2021 Webmaster '17-'18


Kimberly Nebo

PLS Vice President '19-'20

Kappa Psi Professional Relations Senior Chair '19-'20; Junior Chair '18-'19

SNPhA Cancer Initiative Chair '18-'19; Junior Cancer Initiative Chair '17-'18

SSHP Treasurer '18-'19

Dean's Student Advisory Council '18-'19

Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy Intern '18


Nancy Aldape

PLS Leadership Challenge Co-Chair '19-'20

SNPhA CAPS Coordinator '19-'20

SNPhA HIV/AIDS Initiative Chair '18-'19

IPSA Social Chair '18-'19

MAPSA Secretary '18-'19

UHCOP Pharm.D Student Affairs Committee Student Representative '18-'19

UHCOP Orientation Coordinator '18-'19

Mom’s Pharmacy Scholarship Recipient '18-'19

Alton & Sandra Kanak Scholarship Recipient '18-'19

MAPSA Junior Spanish Coordinator '17-'18

UHCOP Student Ambassador '17-'18


Rhea Soltau

PLS President '19-'20

Associate Director of Managers of HOMES Clinic '19-'20

Pharmacy Council Secretary '18-'19

Albert Schweitzer Fellow '18-'19

IPSF Research Exchange Student '18-'19

Never Generic Podcast Topics Coordinator '18-'19

APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition Finalist '17-'18

SCCP Are You Smarter Than A Pharmacist Finalist '17-'18

Be The Change Global Outreach Healthcare Intern

CVS Pharmacy Intern


Vi Dong

PLS Secretary ‘19-’20

Kappa Psi Philanthropy Co-Chair ‘19-’20

VAPSS President ‘18-’19

SNPhA Chronic Kidney Disease Co-Chair ‘18-’19

Pharmacy Year 4


Abigail Wright

PLS Leadership Challenge Chair '18-'19

Kappa Epsilon Pharmaceutical Fraternity President '18-'19; President Elect '17-'18

UHCOP Tutor '16-'17; '17-'18; '18-'19

APhA-ASP Operation Immunization Committee Co-Chair '16-'17

Honor Board Member '16-'17; '18-'19

TPA Patient Counseling Competition Top 3 '17-'18

APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition Finalist '17-'18

Houston Methodist Summer Observership Participant '17

APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition Top 5 '16-'17


Aimen Naveed

Memorial Hermann LCEP Program '19-Present

Shifa Clinic Coordinator '18-Present

TSHP Leadership Challenge Top 3 Finalist '19

UHCOP Pharmacy Council President '18-’19

MD Anderson Cancer Center LPSE Program '17-’19

APhA-ASP Operation OTC Medicine Safety Chair '17-’19

DAPA Scholarship Recipient ‘17-’18, ‘18-’19, ‘19-’20

GCSHP Leadership Scholarship '19

WTPA Annual Scholarship '19

TPF Scholarship '18

TSHP R&E Glenda Lawson McRee Scholarship '18

Indian Pharmacy Student Association President '17-’18


Amilda Medina

CVS Intern ‘17-Present

TSHP Leadership Challenge First Place ‘18-’19

AMCP P&T Competition Second Place ‘18-’19

ACCP-SCCP 2018-2019 Officer of the Year ‘18-’19

APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes Senior Chair ‘18-’19; Junior Chair ‘17-’18

SCCP Operation Naloxone Training Coordinator ‘18-’19

SSHP Professional Development Chair ‘18-’19

Utah Experience Convocation Co-Creator ‘18-’19

C/O 2020 Webmaster ‘17-’19

APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes Region 6 Operation of the Year ’17-’18

APhA-ASP Officer of the Year ‘17-’18

APhA-ASP Region 6 Midyear Regional Meeting Committee Member ‘17-’18

MAPSA Historian ‘17-’18

APhA-ASP Member of the Year ‘16-’17

APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes Committee Chair ‘16-’17

MAPSA Special Projects Chair ‘16-’17

UHCOP Interview Ambassador ‘16-’17


Breanna Hinman

Memorial Hermann LCEP Program ‘19-’20

Rho Chi Vice President ‘18-’19

UHCOP Tutor ‘18-’19

APhA-ASP Generation Rx Senior Chair ‘18-’19; Junior Chair ‘17-’18

Phi Delta Chi St. Jude Chair ‘17-’19

UHCOP Interview Captain ‘17-’18


Briana Reyna

PLS National Speaker of the House ‘19-’20

Bristol-Myer Squibb Intern ‘19

PLS President '18 -'19

MAPSA President '17-'18

UHCOP Interview Ambassador Captain '17-'18, ‘18-’19

Orientation Coordinator '17

Phi Delta Chi Professionalism Co-Chair '17-'18

MAPSA P1 Liaison '16-'17

C/O 2020 Honor Board Representative '16-'17

Phi Delta Chi Pledge Class Scholarship Co-Chair '16-’17

Hispanic Healthcare Certification

Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy Intern


Daniel Nguyen

Kappa Psi Vice Regent ’18-’19 (Regional Chapter of the Year)

Rho Chi Historian ’18-’19

Kappa Psi Regional One for All Award ‘18

Kappa Psi Leadership Ambassador ‘18

Local AMCP P&T Competition Second Place ‘18

SSHP Clinical Skills Competition P1/P2 Category Second Place ‘18

SNPhA Smoking Cessation Co-Chair ’17-‘18

VAPSS Treasurer ’17-‘18

Kappa Psi Historian ‘17-‘18


Goran Flajc

Houston Methodist Hospital LAPPE Program ‘19-’20

SCCP Vice President of Interdisciplinary Development '18-'19

ACCP Outstanding Student Chapter Member Award ‘18

SCCP Senior Service Chair '17-'18; Junior Service Chair '16-'17

SNPhA Legislation Co-Chair '17-'18

Kappa Psi Co-Pledge Trainer '17-'18

UHCOP Interview Ambassador Captain ‘17-18'


Grace Pham

AMCP National P&T Competition Semi-Finalist ‘19

AMCP President '18-'19; President-Elect '17-'18

PLS Secretary '18-'19

AMCP Local P&T Competition Third Place ‘18

Kappa Psi Legislative Chair '17-'18

AMCP Vice President '17-'18

Kappa Psi Social Chair '17-'18

Walgreens Intern '17

AMCP P1 Liaison '16-'17


Harshil Patel

APhA Policy Vice President '17-'18; '18-'19

TPA Student Director '17-'18; '18-'19

TPA Education Committee Vice Chair '17-'18

Phi Delta Chi Service Chair '17-'18

Editor-In-Chief of "The Script" '17-'18

SNPhA National Diabetes Committee Member '16-'17

SNPhA Historian '16-'17"


Jason Nguyen

Phi Delta Chi Worthy Chief Counselor (President) '18-'19

Phi Delta Chi Worthy Master At Arms (Pledge Master) '17-'18

VAPSS Community Outreach Co-Chair '16-'17

Orientation Coordinator '17-'18

VAPSS P1 Liaison '16-'17

H-E-B P1 Internship Intern of the Summer Award

H-E-B Scholarship Award Winner

Reinhaus Stanley Family Scholarship Award Winner

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Scholarship Award Winner


Jessie Ho

Kappa Psi One Step Ahead Scholarship '19

SNPhA Regional Clinical Skills Competition Third Place '19

SNPhA Vice President '18-'19

Kappa Psi Southwest Province Regional Historian '18-'19

SNPhA Power to End Stroke National Subcommittee '17-'18

SNPhA Power to End Stroke Co-Chair '17-'18

Kappa Psi Co-Chaplain '17-'18

VAPSS Historian '17-'18

VAPSS Social Co-Chair '16-'17

C/O 2020 Social Co-Chair '16-'17


Jonathan Diaz

Memorial Hermann LCEP Program ‘19-’20

ACCP HIV PRN Social Media Student Liaison ’19-’20

Out for Education Wolff Family Foundation Scholarship ’19

Hispanic Health Coalition Scholarship ’19

PLS Vice President '18-'19

Rho Chi Member

SCCP Vice President of Internal Advancement '17-'18 (Chapter of the Year)

Orientation Coordinator '17

Graduate Teaching Assistant '17

College of Pharmacy Tutor '17-'18; '18-'19

CVS Health Pharmacist Intern '16-'17; '17-'18; '18-'19

SCCP P1 Liaison '16-'17


Katie Rascon

SCCP President '18-'19; President-Elect '17-'18 (Chapter of the Year)

Rho Chi Member

SCCP UHCOP Chapter Co-Creator of Operation Naloxone ‘18

AMCP Local P&T Team Captain First Place '18

ACCP Geriatrics PRN National Student Award Recipient ‘18

HOPA Student Researcher & Presenter '18

Phi Delta Chi Service Co-Chair '17-'18

Utah Experience Convocation Co-Creator '17-'18

SCCP P1 Liaison '16-’17


Sabrina Ali

Kappa Psi Southwest Province (Regional) Vice Satrap (Vice President) ’19-’20

SNPhA Clinical Skills Competition First Place ‘19

APhA Patient Counseling Competition Top 5 Finalist ’19, ’18

Kappa Psi Regent (President) ’18-’19 (Southwest Province Chapter of the Year); Regent Elect (President Elect) ’17-’18 (Southwest Province Chapter of the Year)

Kappa Psi Southwest Province (Regional) Resolutions Committee Chair ’18-’19

SNPhA National Bridging the Gap Subcommittee Member ’18-’19

SNPhA Secretary ’17-’18

APhA Patient Counseling Competition Top 10 Finalist ’17


Kim Dinh

AMCP National P&T Competition Semi-Finalist ‘19

Remedium RX Clinical Content Development Intern

PLS Treasurer '18-'19

AMCP President '17-'18

SNPhA Smoking Cessation Co-Chair '17-'18

SNPhA Local Clinical Skills Competition P1/P2 Division Semi-Finalist ‘17

AMCP Local P&T Competition First Place ‘17


Lauren Le

TSHP Poster Presenter ‘19

Assessment Committee Student Member ‘18-‘19

Pharmacy Council Vice President ‘18-‘19

UH College of Pharmacy SGA Senator ‘17-‘18

SSHP Medication Safety Senior Chair ‘17-‘18; Junior Chair ‘16-‘17

UHCOP Annual Golf Classic Senior Chair ‘17-‘18; Junior Chair ‘16-‘17

Kappa Psi Webmaster ‘17-‘18

UHCOP Admissions and Progressions Committee Member ‘17-‘18

Dean’s Student Advisory Council Representative ‘16-‘17; ‘17-‘18; '19-’20

UHCOP Summer Camp Lead Coordinator ‘17

Pharmacy Council Advocacy Director ‘16-‘17


Niha Zafar

Houston Methodist Hospital LAPPE Program ‘19-’20

ASHP Advancement of Pharmacy Practice Advisory Group ‘19-’20

TSHP Student Section Chair ‘19-’20

SSHP Immediate Past President ‘19-20; President ’18-’19; President-Elect ’17-’18

TSHP Student Section Executive Committee Member ’18-‘19

HOPA Student Researcher & Presenter ‘18

SSHP Clinical Skills Competition P3 Category First Place ‘18

India House Heart Health and Disease Prevention Classes Coordinator ‘17-’18

SSHP Clinical Skills Competition P1/P2 Category Third Place ’17

IPSA Senior Service Chair ’17-’18; Junior Service Chair '16-'17

SSHP P1 Liaison ’16-‘17